Sugar Bottom Farms - Developer of the "Garden Grower System" & "Strong Soil"

At Sugar Bottom Farms we understand the satisfaction and joy that gardening  brings. The peace of mind knowing how your food was raised. The weekly harvest that  supplies healthy meals for your dinner table.
 However, it takes hard work to maintain a healthy productive garden. While many plant in the spring with high hopes, few harvest throughout the season from a bountiful garden. Weeds, rodents, fatigue and that week vacation and the gardens gone!
That is why we design and build raised bed and elevated bed gardening systems and offer some of the best soil on the market today.

Elevated Beds 

Made from weatherized wood

no more bending over
standard garden grower

Special order hardwoods
(Out of stock)


Raised Beds
cucumber raised bedgarden designers
We firmly believe in the advantages of these systems and have been using them for years.
No more bending over to pull weeds.
No more feeding rabbits. 
No more rototiller
Better control of soil moisture.
Controls  invasive grass and weeds. 
Basically its a lot easier!
Hillcrest Home, Sumner, Iowa - "We have been able to offer fresh tomatoes grown in our Garden Grower to all of our over 50 residents this year."
Gardener in Iowa City - "I have tried to grow just about everything in your Strong Soil with great results."
"I have purchased fruits and vegetables from you at the Iowa City Farmer's Market. Your red raspberries were made into the blue ribbon red raspberry jam. That jam was also named best jam overall at the fair. I also made yellow tomato preserves from yellow tomatoes purchased from you. I received a blue ribbon for that entry. Only one blue ribbon is given per class."       (Rod Zeitler, Iowa State Fair winner)
Call us and guarantee yourself a flavorful garden this year!
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